Giggle Loops, Frameable Vibes & Star Teleports
by Genu Berlo

The WORDISIAC project is my research on language and its relations to reality and body. I am looking at the articulation of the abstract structure of the writing to the mental and emotional fields. Usually the physical representation of the language is the corner stone that starts the movement in those fields. The sound-language moves your body directly, not just your intellectual mind. Words are the basis of illusion and spell as long as you associate meaning to them, vector force of moving subtle currents. The careful arrangement of sounds, which is language per se, gives meaning and substance. In my word paintings and prints, I am using color or just black, plus material texture to simply void them from meaning, and create space for a new definition to flow unshaped by emotional and mental form. It sounds as it looks.


Special project: 
Central Intelligence Poster for Rawson Marshall Thurber

© Genu Berlo