The Exit from Beauty

2022 April 8 - May 6, Bucharest
group show at VIMANA gallery,
Curated by (n+1)


The Exit from Beauty or Are we self aware of our own actions?

At the beginning of a new decade in a complex geopolitical context, bringing the artists’ individual works into conversation with one another, yet adapted to the cellular space of the gallery, the show addresses questions of the self and the collective, the personal and the political, “in the spirit” and the interpretation, thought reflection and decision.

The installation and interactive performance of Mihai Chițu is for a moment detaching the audience from reality through the invitation to play and simulation, raising the victim-aggressor relationship and the transgression issue in the foreplane of the consciousness.

Daniel Stancu reiterates questions about the path of acceptance of the Christ image, canonical or personal and custom, acceptance and integration that occurs on many levels, in the proximity of the material, or in the sphere of imagination whereas the sponge, the soap holder and the shower curtain can connect cosmic and natural meaning.

Genu Berlo finds a new context, and maybe in the same spirit, he questions a capacity to gaze beyond image, beyond the mental, but getting hold of the articulation between materiality, expression and the sublime depicted by his predecessors.
-(n+1) group

© Genu Berlo