Oct 2020 - Mar 2021, solo show at Orion Gallery, Palatul Culturii, Ploiesti


“I am fascinated by repetition and rotation because they give a sense of settlement, and persistence. Recurrence often appears in my work even though it can be obfuscated by transformation or thought-spacing.” —Genu Berlo

Involved with the legacy of gestural abstraction, Genu Berlo is expanding on the established techniques used by his artistic predecessors, to include random folds, colorful repetitions, and whole body pressure printing of simple geometric shapes, resulting in a recognizable expression of his own.

The most recent large scale oil print-paintings titled Kalpa are lushious in tones of turquoise and raspberry, colors that Genu had pursued since his summer visits to the Greek islands. The rhythm of the vertical patches of colors, body-weight printed with large blocks of oak wood, are drawing from the archetypal fence construction but taken to a lyrical dimension of time, space and life cycles.

© Genu Berlo