* Romanian American artist living and creating in New York City, Bucuresti, Arad, Ghirdoveni.

I worked as a designer architect in New York City architectural firms, including Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, Dan Ionescu Architects, Peix and Marchetti Architects, Mihai Radu Architects. Education: Continuing Education in Fine Arts - Fashion Institute of Technology of NYC 2003; Bachelors in Architecture - University of Bucharest 2001; Bachelors in Math - University of Bucharest 1997.

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Group Exhibition Vernisaj at bistro D20, Friday 9 March 2018

Thanks to Corina Laura Nae @contempora

Collages: monoprint, metallic gold and silver leaf, crayon, coloured pencil, ink, print reproductions of original gouache and watercolour paintings, on paper, wood and craft tubes.

From the series:

  1. Recircle of Garden of Eden, collage, A4
  2. Laputa in one complete revolution, collage, A4
  3. Tikkun olam, collage, A4
  4. עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע‬ [Etz ha-daʿat tov wa-raʿ] The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, collage, A4
  5. Restarting of the Garden of Eden, collage, A4
  6. चक्र कल्प Chakra Kalpa, collage, A4
  7. Return to the Land of Youth, collage, A3
  8. A dream in the Garden, collage, A2
  9. The 4 rivers from the Garden, collage on kraft tubes

The theme of the exhibition is Post Eden art of living, the project being a collaboration with ElenaBerlo. The exhibit is constructing, conceptually and especially emotionally-sensorially, on two well known archetypes, Adam and Eve and The Garden of Eden, Gan Eden גַּן עֵדֶן in Aramaic, Hebrew. At the base there are two flights as I call them: one is the flight from yourself, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the second is the desire to return, or to find yourself, the Garden, and the Tree of Life.

The collages -a map of deeply embedded gene memories brought to surface in form of fantasy and dreams - are using various process and materials from both realms, the natural like wood, fabric, watercolours, oils and paper, symbolizing the return to nature, and synthetic - the inhale of the world, the techno (=man made) world, like plastic, foam, polymers, acrylics, metal and raisins.

Lush, 2017

Genu Berlo

oil on canvas, 50x70x1cm

private collection

oil on canvas, 160 x 90 cm

linocut print limited edition of 24

Hora yellow, 2017

Genu Berlo

oil on canvas, 50x70x1cm

private collection of Alexandru Butica

Untitled, 2017

Genu Berlo

oil on canvas, 50x70x1cm

private collection of Madalin Patrascu @turquoisestudiodesign

oil on canvas

by Genu Berlo

private collection of Bogdan Tăut @youngminds

© Genu Berlo, 2013

linocut monoprints in choice colour and custom accents like gold and burnt sienna with gold pigment dusted over, etc… , A2 on Archival Paper

This project is a discourse on how relative and magic things are with humans: from smallest detail to the bigger picture, we are completely emotionally driven in thinking, the place we live in being first and foremost the place our heart and mind lives in. The illusion of solidity and precision is nothing more than a state of mind and emotional coherence. However, when one’s losing one’s mind and comes to one’s senses, the discovery of spell is recognized immediately. Order your own map of sweet illusion in the preferred colour and accents.

Genu - 2016

Ghirdoveni Art Installation, corrugated kraft paper rolled, wood, metal rod

Waiting for the strike, a ludic exercise of exorcising my mom’s fear of storm and lightnings. I imagine here the mix of fear and excitement. Fear of visceral structural soundness against the joy and excitement of natural magic. Thus, I call this mixed feeling “Untitled Perishable Lightning Rod”, this being one of my artistic studies about Space-Time-Conscience relations and Emotional States of Matter and Mind in the context of Life and Magic.

A Linocut pressed archetypical life study for collective memory of biological life at the galactic turning point in 2012AD 5773. Available as Limited Edition Linocut or Monoprints with embellished hand painted accents. Order your own magic animal or life in the preferred colour and accents. Missing from my collection and endangered species available on request. A4

Kiseleff Park Bucuresti 2015

From the Land Life project series

oil on canvas, various sizes