Painting, 26Hx18Wx0.8in

A recurring theme in my work is the relationship between language, color and space - mental, emotional or physical.
oil on canvas

Zeu Totem

Wood and Nails Sculpture - 2013 Bucuresti

oil on canvas

by Genu Berlo

private collection of Bogdan Tăut

© Genu Berlo

linocut print in gold and burnt sienna with gold pigment dusted over

Edition: 2017 - Parcul Kiseleff, Bucuresti

Linocut pressed archetypical life study

Editions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

The ongoing project series consists of building structures to mark harmony with nature and raise consciousness about egocentric, artificial and eccentric use of human inhabited land.

The medium is local available materials. I look into a few critical characteristics of the object, like relative scale and distance to the surrounding elements, easy path and flow of energy currents, color, light, material harmony and contrast, etc…

Kiseleff Park Bucuresti 2014

From the Land Life series project

Herastrau Park Bucuresti 2014

From the Land Life series project

Kiseleff Park Bucuresti 2015

From the Land Life project series

Genu - 2016

Ghirdoveni Art Installation

Ludic and Oneiric interpretation of a high raise inhabited building. I imagine here the mix of fear and excitement. Fear of structural soundness against the joy and excitement of inhabiting an architectural skyscraper. Thus, I call this mixed feeling “Untitled Perishable Lightning Rod”, this being one of my artistic studies about Space-Time-Conscience relations and Perishable States of Matter and Mind in the context of Life synergy.

Ghirdoveni 2015

A study of the very short and volatile manifest nature of smoke and plasma fire sparked by the direct action and awareness of the artist, and sustained by the presence of the universal field Conscience and Earth natural energy. The field of mind together with the magnetic field of Earth determine the shape and dynamics of smoke and fire.

From the Land Life project series

Kiseleff Park 2015

From the Land Life Lines series project

Ii Românești - Ia Românească